Hitting 100000 Traffic In 2 months

August 1, 2022
hitting 100,000 traffic in 2 months
Case Study: hitting 100,000 traffic in 2 months
Overview of Site Have Achieved
Overview of Site Have Achieved

The Problem

The client have a full SEO team and spending about 15,000 USD / month to build sites, content and link building.

The keyword difficulty for this crypto gaming keyword is about “80”, which means it’s in the Tier #1 most difficult keyword to rank in Asia.

On the track record, most in-house SEO team will take about 6 months to rank for such keyword and it is subject to ranking volatility - due to over optimization and shaddy backlinks and grey-hat SEO practises.

Our Solution

We deployed our topical relevancy SEO method to outrank all our competitors that has bigger budget and link building resources.

Few focus point that we try to achieve:

  1. Achieving all the keywords entity.
  2. Site structure - Simple but focus on bringing traffic to the important pages to get Google crawl more often on the right topic.
  3. Mobile focused design and layout.
  4. Natural link building velocity
  5. No PBNs, Guest post - We wanted to achieve topical relevance, and link authority within short period of time will dilute our relevancy signal.

The Result

We gained 5,000 traffic in first month, and climbed to 20,000 in 6th week, and nearly 100,000 by end of second month.

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