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July 4, 2022

Looking to scale your cryptocurrency or blockchain business? 

The most successful SEO crypto brands leverage on SEO because it’s extremely hard to rely on paid ads especially social media where there is always uncertain regulations and expensive to generate leads.

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Our Approach

Case Study 1
Case Study 1

Reaching 100,000 traffic within 2 months

Keyword difficulty “Super hard”

Case Study 2
Case Study 2

The case study above is to proof to business owners that regardless of how competitive the industry is, with proper understanding on:

1. Google entity

2. Topical relevance and completeness

3. Search Intent.

4. The real concept of link building 

Any sites can rank any keywords regardless of how competitive it is. It took us more than 15 projects to validate this idea and more than 4 years of intense experiment, with the help of veterans from rarely heard countries in Asian.

Our SEO approach that we are very good at.

- Content structure

Content structure is very important for SEO. Well structured sites tells Google how important are the pages and reading flow of the site is important to users. Despite SEO’s often overlook at this part, it’s one of the most important ranking signal out there.

- Link building

The concept of link building from the early days of Google have evolved much, but the foundation have never changed. Think of link building as word of mouth - as people trying to gamify the system, Google rolls out smarter filtering and “ vague” metrics to prevent professionals to manipulate the ranking. 

- Industry research 

We know the industry well. 70% of the time is spent to research about the industry such as keywords , long tail search, intents, brands keyword, and how we can create a proper search funnel by tapping into large keyword volumes.

- Onpage optimisation

Onpage optimisation, apart from making sure Google understand the context; we look at other user signals such as stays on time, browsing behaviour, content attractiveness and content shareworthy. 

Who Is BrewingHot.com ?

We are group of marketers, data scientist, and growth hackers from all over the world. We are here to challenge the status quo, and the best way is through doing what we are truely good at which is scaling companies the smartest way.

The BrewingHot team love a good cup of coffee and we love brewing up great ideas for friends and our clients. When not in office, you can find us working on our laptops in cozy cafes around the thriving city of Kuala Lumpur!

Some of the clients that we helped scaled. 


  1. Denimio.com
  2. QatarLiving.com
  3. Icosbull.com
  4. Yummycrypto.com
  5. PhotobookWorldwide.com
  6. Mahabis

Have an interesting project? Do reach out at gerald@yummycrypto.com or drop add on skype @k3zuya

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